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Buying a new car is not an easy job. www.saicarbazar.com is committed to make it quick, easy, exciting & pleasant experience. By following our simple step-by-step process you will be able to buy your dream car easily and get the EMI payments that won’t break the bank either.

Customers today are spoiled for choice with all different cars available in the market, but at the same time it can be very confusing aswell.

Visiting all different car showrooms & looking at all different brands and models available today is a very lengthy & time consuming process. You will waste time and money doing that, but if you do your homework and know exactly what you want and how much you want to spend that will make your life a lot easier.

First step is to know what kind of car suits your need i.e. a 5 seater or a 7 seater, a 4*4 or a 4*2, an automatic or a manual, a hatchback or a sedan, a small or a family car.

Goto www.saicarbazar.com and select the NEW CAR section where you will not only find all the makes and models with all different variants available but also all the new offers and discounts the company is offering. Here you can also find the price of each car aswell in your state/district which brings us to the next step.

The last but very important step is to BOOK A TEST DRIVE which can be done on www.saicarbazar.com aswell. At any time you can ring our experts we will be happy to guide you and help you get behind the wheel of your dream car.
If you are thinking to purchase a Used Car, you know how confusing it can be but we at saicarbazar.com will decrease you trouble.

There are many things to look for when purchasing a Used Car but one important factor is to check the registration, insurance, service book and also to take the N.O.C.(NON OBJECTION CERTIFICATE) from the Crime Branch Bureau of your District/City/State. Buyer should go for the NOC from the Crime Branch after the deal is finalized, we will advise buyer’s to give token money or not to pay the whole amount to the seller of the vehicle till buyer didn’t get the NOC and to make the paper work fast buyer can hire a agent. If found H.P.(hire purchase) registered in registration buyers first duty is to confirm the bank outstanding on the vehicle and also check the registered owner in the registration/RC. If seller and registered owner mismatch then ask for the legal document registered owner provided to the seller at the time of seller’s purchase of the vehicle. If buyer is fully satisfy with all the documents then buyer should proceed further for a deal. Now buyer is in a condition to give the car a physical check before making his final decision. Here are some tips on how to physically check out a used car before buying it.

1. Make sure that the car is on level ground before checking it out. This is to ensure that you will be able to clearly check the tires and to see if there is anything sagging on the car.

2. Carefully check the paint of the car, any rust spots, dents and scratches.

3. Check the tires. Tires can tell lot about the car. The tires should be worn evenly. Also check the spare tire and compare the tread to the other tires if it is full spare.

4. Never by a frame damaged car. Check the saddle. It should not be welded on either side, it should be bolted in. Look for welds inside the door jambs also.

5. If you are able, try to get under the car when it is safely raised and inspect the exhaust system or any under body rust. Look for any black spot on the exhaust system because this can indicate leaking.

6. Check the hoses and belts. They should not have cracks. The radiator hoses should not be soft. 7. Inspect of the engine for any sort of leaks, or corrosion. On the engine block, look for any dark brown oil stains, this will indicate that there is a leak in a gasket and could possibly lead to an expensive repair in the future. Check the brake fluid and reservoir to make sure it is not leaking.

8. Go inside the car and check the seats of the car for any tears, rips, stains and other type of damage. Make sure the air-conditioning of the car is working well by turning it on.

9. Take the test drive of the car. This is the best way to know the condition of the car. Pay attention to the suspension, ease of the driving, breaks, gears and noise from the engine and also check the car’s service history which should give you some information regarding the performances. Repairs and problems of the car.

10. Once you have established that everything is to your satisfaction, negotiate the deal. Do have an idea about a fair price that you are willing to pay. This is a long term buy so choose carefully & complete the transaction only after you are completely satisfied. If you need any kind of help like a fair price or anything which you are not able to judge then we will be proud to help you out and this is sure that we will satisfy you with the services given to you by our expects.
We at www.saicarbazar.com provides you the world’s best helping tips, how to check papers of a used car. Whether you are buying a used car from an individual, a dealer and auto company check all the documents carefully.

The RC (Registration Certificate) is the most important document and provides vital information about the car, including its Registration Number, Registered Owner, Previous Owner, Registered/Previous Owner’s address etc, make, variant, color, chassis number, engine number, Hire Purchase (H.P.), tax paid till dated or year and Vehicle Registration Date etc. You need to check all the information described above and if you found anything mismatching go for the deep decision with the current owner of the vehicle.

1. If the registration number mismatch with the vehicle number plate, that registration (RC) is legally not valid.

2. If registered owner’s details mismatch with the person claiming to be its owner, legally not valid.

3. If the variant, make mismatch with the vehicle, proves something might be wrong go for a deep decision with the current owner.

4. If the current color, chassis number of the vehicle mismatch with the color, chassis number mentioned in the registration (RC), this can be because of a major accident and this vehicle might be involved in any legal questioning/case.

5. If the engine number of the vehicle mismatch with the engine number mentioned in the registration, that might be because of the car is very old and the registered engine life expired or was involved in a major accident. Hence it is illegal.

6. If you find any bank name, address in the registration (RC) mentioned in the column of HP, this might be because of any outstanding for a loan taken on the vehicle and if in the documents you find Form 35 and a cover note or a latter pad from the bank on behalf of the registered owner and as per the details of vehicle that means there is no loan outstanding But remind that Form 35 and a cover note or a latter pad valid for the time mentioned on them.

7. If the date mentioned for road tax in the registration (RC) has expired, it’s the time to get your vehicle registration renewal by paying the road tax again.

8. Note that we can apply for the changes like change in registration number, color, engine number, chassis number and to delete the hire purchase (HP) in the registration RC of the vehicle from the SDM/DTO of your district by fulfilling the legal requirements. The registration number of the vehicle can be changed in three situations only first, if the registered owner wants that number to be registered on his other vehicle, secondly if anyone wants to register that car in any other state of India and the last one if any of the paid number is registered on vehicle and the registered owner doesn’t want that and the buyer doesn’t pay the fee for the number registered on that vehicle then Indian government changes that paid number with the current series of that authority and put the paid number in the safe custody in Indian government account is registering

9. Be aware of make variant they can’t be changed in any situation or if you find this type of cheating by anyone or anything wrong your duty is to inform the nearby police station or SDM help to put these kind of creatures to there right place.

10. If you plan to drive it to another state, you will have to get the registration done there. If the car is very old or was involved in a major accident, the engine may have been changed, so ensure that RC has new number.

Get the insurance transferred to your name, otherwise it will be tough to claim in case of an accident. While transferring the policy, check if the premium has been paid regularly, the expiry date of the policy and if the insurance has ever been claimed. Also find out if the car has a third party or comprehensive insurance.

Before buying a car, ask the seller to give you a copy of the NOC (Non Objection Certificate) from the finance company, which will clarify that the whole loan has been paid off. You have to take care of this point otherwise if you take the possession of the car and the registration certificate is transferred in your name, the lender may ask you as the new owner to pay the pending loan.

You should also go through the service history of the vehicle, it will reveal to you the condition of the car. A vehicle that has been serviced on time will be in a better running condition. If the car has been modified to run on two types of fuels, ask the seller for the dual fuels certification, as well as an NOC from the RTO, which certifies that the vehicle can run in both fuels.
We at www.saicarbazar.com giving the best platform to sell & get the maximum value of your car. SELLER’s first duty is to clear the outstanding of a car loan before selling the car. It is known as N.O.C. (non objection certificate). Seller can clear the outstanding amount of a bank loan from the token money or the amount received from the buyer also. The next step is finding out the right price to quote for your car. This is a bit confusing … if you price it too high, you may not get any sincere responses and if you price it too low, the car will be easy to sell but you will not get the right price for it. A good place to know the right price to quote for your car is the support team of www.saicarbazar.com .

We at www.saicarbazar.com offers fairly accurate estimates for every car on sale in India, right to the variant. Just fill in your car details-make, modal, variant, year, mileage & the price you think of your car, and you will receive a call or a SMS from our support team to suggest you the right price to quote. This is just the first step through. We give a range, high for a well maintained car and low for a knackered example. Hopefully you are not one from the latter category. What you can do to narrow the pricing down to a quotable figure is research the same car posted by others on sale. If these sellers have followed the right method of a car valuation and arrived at a price, they will be fairly accurate. You can also take your car to a used car dealer (they will generally quote a low price) or a car mechanic for a quote. You finally need to make a judgment call on your quotation-slightly higher or lower than competition.

There is no harm in asking for a slightly high price, at least to test the waters when you post a listing and that brings us to your sales pitch.

You are all set to sell your car. Remember, you are trying to sell something that a buyer is already skeptical in buying. It’s always the case of pre-owned car because a buyer is vary of the condition of the car even before he/she has seen the car in person. Before a buyer gets to see your car, you need to take care of a few points –

1. Make sure your car papers & service record book are in order.

2. To ensure attention on your Car and to get higher prices, first you need to fix all the minor scratches & dents.

3. Get the car cleaned, inside & out, thoroughly and to its details.

4. To make an excellent impression get your car waxed & polished.

5. To get the maximum value of your used car, take pictures of your car at an open space. Get a set of shots-front view, both sides view & back view of your car and one interior picture. These pictures can be used in your listing and we have an extensive used car listing page on www.saicarbazar.com/usedcar to get your car noticed, the right price and the good picture is critical.

6. There are couple of ways to sell your car. A rapidly growing medium is online. You can also post and listing a post on newspaper classified ads. Word of mouths sell of cars is quite difficult but it should be your first mode of action.

7. While selling your car being truthful about its condition. If your car is soundly clean & very well maintained, use word like “ superlative condition�? and “ pristine�?. If it’s not as good as new, words like “well maintained�? work well. Secondly, if you want to sell quickly and won’t mind a low quote, use word like “urgent sell�? to grab attention. You have made your sales pitch and a prospective buyer has liked it. That’s half the battle won. The second half is inspection time. The buyer is a stranger who is still a bit skeptical about going through the sale. You need to be friendly & welcoming to put the buyer at ease. You can indulge in a bit of small talk too. Answer all questions regarding your car openly. A buyer might also inspect the car from a mechanic which is a reasonable request. If the buyer is satisfied, he will broach the price topic.

8. If you are willing to negotiate, keep it as close to the asking price. If the buyer has come all the way to inspect your car, the buyer is already prepared to purchase the car at the price you have quoted. A slight reduction is price can sway a skeptical buyer to one with a cheque.

Once the deal has been finalized, you can get started with the paperwork. Payment can be accepted in three modes- cash, demand draft & cheque.

Wait for the cheque to get cleared before giving delivery of your car and also transferring the documents. If the buyer is opting for finance, ask the finance company to guide you for the paper work with respect to the SDM/RTO transfers. Hire a agent to make paper work easy and time saving, www.saicarbazar.com support team can also help you for the paper work.

Note : Make sure that you should have the buyer’s id issued by government of India and a affidavit from the buyer that after the delivery of car from your side, buyer is responsible for all the maters in the future as paper work/transferring of documents take few days.
A new car comes with a package of added expenses. Its maintenance and operating cost are part of these expenses. However, sometimes an unfortunate incident may occur that may damage your vehicle. The best way to deal with such unforeseen circumstances is a Car Insurance offering a good cover. Getting a Auto Insurance Policy will help you in case of any unexpected incidents.

1. At the scene of the accident, first you should stop and get help for the injured. Call the police and notify the near medical unit. Call your insurance representative or the company soon as possible even if you are away from the home or if someone else caused the accident then take steps to protect your car of further damage.

2. Your insurance company may require the Proof Of Loss as well as documents relating to your claim (such as medical and car repair bills & a copy of the police report) so keep record of all copies of paperwork.

3. Do not attempt to move the vehicle from the accident spot without permission of Police and The Insurance Company. If your company provide the cashless service, which ,mean you don’t have to pay out of your pocket for the covered damaged, the Insurance Company will pay the workshop directly
Travelling by taxi is generally very safe, but it is important to make sure the vehicle is licensed and to take sensible precautions. Make sure your taxi or private hire vehicle is legal. An unlicensed taxi is operating illegally and has not gone through the checks on drivers and vehicle that licensing authorities enforce.

Check the taxi is displaying proper license plates and a roof sign. If you booked a taxi, confirm it is for you by checking the driver knows your name and destination. Ask how much the fare will be and possible, have the correct money ready. If there is a meter, check what the minimum fare is and make sure the meter has been reset to this amount. Check that the driver is displaying an ID.

Don’t hire a taxi if the driver appears to be under the influence of alcohol and if he doesn’t seem to know the local area. If the vehicle is not displaying taxi plates that is illegal.

Check that the taxi arrives is the one you ordered, ask for the description of the car i.e. color, make etc. Never share the taxi with any stranger. If you feel threatened or uncomfortable for any reason, ask the driver to stop in any busy area, pay your fare and get out of the car. Let someone know you are in the vehicle and on the way let them have the taxi license number and if possible someone should waiting for you at your destination. The number of the license will be displayed on the vehicle as well as on the plate of the rear of the vehicle.